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Welcome to 3-106
  Brady Bunch
   Meet The Brady Bunch

This year we will be studying the life of three saints
St. Paul
St Katherine Drexel
St. Peter Claver


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1st Trimester Schedule for Grade 3

ELA   -  November  9, 2017

Math  -  November 14,  2017

*******See calendar for review sheets

                                                       What to Study
                Math                                                                            ELA                                                                                      
Chapter 11 -Area and Perimeter                                       Sentence Types
Chapter 14 - Geometry                                                 Subject and Predicate
Chapter 1 – Place value                                                 Compound Words
                       Standard Form                                      Compound Sentences
                       Expanded Form                                        
                       Word form                                              Phonics/ Spelling
                   Compare numbers                                      VC/CV words
                         Greater than                                                  plurals
                          Less than                                               vowel digraphs ee, ea,
                          equal to                                                     ai, ay, oa, ou, ow
                     Order Numbers                                            
                         Least to Greatest                          Reading Comprehension
                         Greatest to Least                                                                                         

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