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Welcome to 3-106    
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The Thanksgiving food drive is currently in progress.  The Third Grade is asked to donate cranberry sauce and any kind of
Your generosity is so greatly appreciated!!!


The Thanksgiving Mass is Tuesday, November 20th
The children will be dressing up as Pilgrims and Native Americans

We are very short of Pilgrims.  We only have about 3/4 children that have indicated that they will be pilgrims on that day

Please consider being a pilgrim

Thank You

                                 1st Trimester Schedule

           ELA – November 16, 2018
          Math – November 27, 2018

                                          What to Study

                                                      Sentence / Sentence Fragments
                                                                Sentence Types
                                                               Subject/ Predicate
                                                                Compound Words
                                                             Compound Sentences
                                                               Phonics/ Spelling
VC/CV Words
                                                 Vowel Digraphs - ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, ou, ow

          Chapter 1 -  Place Value                                             Chapter 2 - Addition
            Standard Form                                                                Addition Properties
             Expanded Form                                                             Add Mentally
             Word Form                                                                     Rounding
        Compare Numbers                                                             Estimate Sums
Greater Than/ Less Than / Equal to                                         Add 3 and 4 digit numbers
             Order Numbers                                                               Word Problems
Least to Greatest / Greatest  to Least

                                                        Chapter 3 - Subtraction

Subtract Mentally                                Subtract 3 and 4 Digits
  Rounding                                         Estimating  Differences
                       Word Problems                               

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