Mrs. Brady

Welcome to 3-106
  Brady Bunch
   Meet The Brady Bunch

This year we will be studying the life of three saints
St. Paul
St Katherine Drexel
St. Peter Claver



                                                    2nd Trimester Schedule

February 27 th- Religion
February 28th  -  ELA
 March 2nd           - Math

                         What to Study

Religion -  Chapter 4 – The Church Begins
                     Chapters 6, 7, 13, 20, 27 - Liturgical Year
                     Chapter 8 - 4 Marks of the Church

Math  -   Chapter 2 - Addition
                                       Properties of Addition
                                        Mental Math
                                        Adding three and four digit numbers
                  Chapter 3 - Subtraction
                                         Mental Math
                                         Subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers
                  Chapter 4 – Multiplication
                                         Repeated Addition
                                         Multiply with Arrays 
                                       Commutative Property of Multiplication
                                         Multiply with Tables and Tree Diagrams

   ELA -    Common and Proper Nouns       linking verbs                 
               Plural Nouns                            Irregular Plural Nouns
               Singular Possessive Nouns        Plural Possessive Nouns

                                         Reading Comprehension         
                                       Writer’s Response to Reading


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