Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of October 15-19

  We begin Chapter 3- Sacraments. We conclude our focus on the calling of the apostles, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, and Pentecost- the beginning of the Church. We begins the study of the sacraments.  Test info on Chapter 2 below.
-  Unit Review for all skills in Unit 1.

Phonics/Spelling-Unit 1 Week 6 - 5 Week Spelling Sheet.docx
 Language-Subject, Predicate, and all types of sentences.
Reading- Character/Setting; Main Idea// Details; facts and details in a play
Math-  We continue Chapter 2- Number Patterns.  Skip counting by 2, 5, 10's. Repeated addition with arrays.  Even and odd numbers. Sum of equal numbers.
Science- Test on Solar System and causes of day and night/ shadows.
Social StudiesWe begin the study of landforms.

Schedule Tests for this Week Please note that due to student absences last week, and make-ups to be given this week, the Math test, spelling, and ELA test from last week will be in the 10/16 test folder.  


Religion Test on Chapter 2- 10/16. Study  pages  32-40 vocab- disciples, apostles,Resurrection, Church. Students should be able to explain what happened on Pentecost and that this day is the Birthday of the Church.

ELA-   ELA Unit Test, October 29- All skills covered in Unit 1.
          Unit 1 Spelling Test- see list above- Tues. Oct. 23
          ELA Langugage Unit test.- Thurs. Oct. 25- review packet will come home

Spelling-  NO  Spelling quiz on all words for this week.
Reading- ​NO  Story quiz on Friday.
ScienceTest- 10/18- pages 317-326; 329-338;  341-342.     

          Unit 8  The Solar System

Big Idea

Earth is a planet in our solar system. Changes happen on Earth and in the sky from day to night.


  • planet
  • orbit
  • solar system
  • star
  • constellation
  • rotate

Essential Questions (for exploring the Big Idea)

  • What are planets and stars?
  • What causes day and night?

                                                                                                   Social Studies