Mrs. Denise Smith

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There will be a dress down day on Friday, February 15

Kindergarten Children will celebrate Valentine's Day with a snack and goody bag. Please do not send in Valentine cards for the children. Thank you!

ELA: We are blending letter sounds to read simple cvc words. The short vowel sounds of /a/  and /i/ and /o/ have been introduced. Children should be able to sound out and blend the sounds to read words .  Have your child practice spelling  and reading these words. Practice reading sight words that have been introduced. Have your child practice composing and writing simple sentences.

MATH: Use the Math website to reinforce concepts taught in school. We will start using Vol. 2 My Math next week . Math homework will be sent home each night to be completed and returned the next day. Play number games with your child. Our next chapter is Measurement. Have your child practice writing numerals correctly.

RELIGION: We are learning about Jesus and the Holy Family and St. Blaise and St. Valentine.

OCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: This month we are learning about motion, forces and magnets. We will cover George Washington, Abe Lincoln and our country. At the end of the month we will learn about Dental health and enjoy a visit from a dental hygienist.

Parents can get in touch with me by email. My email is: