Mrs. Denise Smith



    Happy New Year!

Please dress children with tights, hats and mittens for outdoor recess. 

ELA: We are blending letter sounds to read simple cvc words. The short vowel sounds of /a/  and /i/ and /o/ have been introduced. Children should be able to sound out and blend the sounds to read words .  Have your child practice spelling  and reading these words. Practice reading sight words that have been introduced. Have your child practice composing and writing simple sentences.

MATH: Use the Math website to reinforce concepts taught in school. We are learning subtraction.  Play number games with your child. Have your child practice writing numerals correctly.

RELIGION: We are learning about the Epiphany, learning about God with our families and friends and St. Blaise.

OCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: Lessons will focus on winter and how animals and people adapt to cold conditions. We will also learn about pus h and pull forces and gravity.  Our Social Studies lessons will be geared on developing tolerance and respect for all people. We will be learning about Dr. Martin Luther King and the ideals he presented.

Parents can get in touch with me by email. My email is: