Mrs. Denise Smith

Welcome to K-103

Come to the 9;00 Mass this Sunday.  Bishop Barres, our new Bishop, will be the celebrant. Children are encouraged to wear their school uniform. There will be a reserved section for school parents and children.  Come early .....the Bishop usually speaks to the Congregation before Mass begins.

In an effort to make up a snow day, school WILL BE IN SESSION on March 23, Thursday until 11:30.

This month in K-103
ELA: Continue to access the  website for reading practice. Your child needs to memorize the popcorn words in order to read them fluently. Now that we are learning to blend, play word games with your child and practice rhyming words. Review workbook pages that come home at the end of each week. Have your child read the stories from the workbook that are sent home.
Continue to have your child practice writing their full name correctly. Have your child write simple sentences with a capital letter and correct punctuation.

MATH: In Go Math we have started Chap. 7, Representing, Counting and Writing Numbers 11-19. Please use the www.thinkcentral website to review concepts and play Math games. Continue to have your child practice addition and subtraction. Have them write the Math sentences to given word problems.

RELIGION: The children continue to learn about Lent. Have them color in their Lenten journey worksheet. We are discussing ways to be better children, kinder and more loving.We will be saying "Grace" before snack and lunch. Each day we pray the Our Father and the Glory Be. Please pray these prayers with your children at home.We will be attending Mass this month and Fr.Ken will be giving the class a tour of the church.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: This month our S.S. and Science lessons will focus on St. Patrick's Day, physical changes,Dr. Seuss books, habitats.

Report cards will be sent home on MARCH 16. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on March 20. Letters will be sent home either requesting a conference by me or you can request a conference.

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