Mrs. Denise Smith


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 Welcome to K-103

Due to Confirmation next Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 23 and 24, we anticipate a very crowded parking lot at dismissal.
Please read the details in the youngest and only both last week and today which highlights the slightly adjusted timing for dismissal for bus students and walkers and identifies the procedures for those who pick students up by car.

Autumn has finally arrived ! Be certain your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. The children go out for recess. On gym days. send children in school sweatsuits.

This month in K-103

ELA: Please review all letters of the alphabet. Children should be able to identify all capital and lowercase letters. Children need to memorize the popcorn words.This month our Reading program will focus on reviewing the letters and letter sounds. Children will practice writing their names with the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase letters. 

MATH:  Chapter 2 is Numbers 6 - 10. Please help your child write the numerals correctly. Use the website for additional practice

RELIGION: We will be saying "Grace" before snack and lunch. Our first chapters in the Religion book teach the children that God made them, loves them and wants them to love others.Ask your child what he/she has learned about St.Francis. Fr. Ken has visited the class as has Fr. Collins.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: In October we are learning about the autumn season and the changes it brings to people, animals and nature. We will learn about community workers and how to keep safe. We will make Halloween crafts and hear Halloween stories.

Parents can get in touch with me by email. My email is: