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 Welcome to K-103

This month in K-103

ELA:   Have your child read to you and review phonics skills daily. We have introduced all short vowel sounds. Your child should be able to correctly sound out and blend cvc words. Daily review and practice will lead to fluency. Have your child practice writing simple sentences forming letters correctly and leaving proper spacing. 

MATH:   In Chapter 12 , the children are learning about solid shapes. Have them identify shapes in their environment. Have them tell you the difference between a solid and a flat shape. Continue to practice addition and subtraction, counting up from a number and writing numerals correctly.

RELIGION: May is the month we celebrate Mary.We learned about the rosary and about Mary's life.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: We will be learning about the Spring season and the weather and plant changes. We will also be learning about life cycles of animals and plants.

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